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About Maid XChange

  MaidXChange is a website that helps people find maids for their domestic household requirements. It is the first of its kind, premiere web-portal for the exchange of domestic help and related labour services all over the world.

Households and Maids can simply upload their profile and search for their required match on our easy to use platform. It is quick and easy. It offers benefits to households and maids alike.
  In today’s world finding a good maid is very difficult, furthermore maids often leave after their contract term completes or midway, making it difficult to manage household affairs, MaidXChange offers households to simply log on and have access to a choice of maids as per their requirements
MaidXChange offers a wide choice of maids to choose from
MaidXChange offers a reliable supply of maids to choose from at any point in time, especially during an emergency.

  Finding employment can sometimes be difficult, MaidXChange offers maids a reliable supply of employment, reducing their waste time while they are not working